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Custom Software Development

The main focus of our company is building software that is suited to you. Be it a specific web or mobile application or large-scale corporate system, our team implements solutions for you from initial concept to final release.

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Outsourcing services is the right business decision to reduce costs and focus on your company's core business in order to keep up with the competition. Outsourcing with us guarantees that our staff's specialized training and customer care will be there to meet your business's computing needs.

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Bring your idea

We support young programmers and promising ideas. Some dreams are too big for one individual. Lithium Pro can set you on the right track and provide a team, coach, industry know-how, technology, and marketing. Let us help you with the realization of your ideas.

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Machine Learning & Business Intelligence

Our machine learning and data science specialists can analyze and help you improve your processes using state of the art technologies. We can also provide analytics and create KPIs specific for your data and create appealing visualizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which technologies are you using?

Our current focus is on web applications written in PHP using frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, Nette, and Yii. MySQL, MariaDB, and PosgreSQL are our usual picks for data storage. In addition to web applications, we create software in C/C++ and Python and we also use React Native for cross-platform mobile application development.

How does your outsourcing work?

We outsource in two different forms. Either we provide programmers directly in-house to work on your projects, or we create a team of programmers who act as your internal programming department.

Do you have your own product?

Yes, we do! Although our main focus is custom software development, we have created Baggira – demand system. This system is used by dozens of companies in the Czech Republic, Germany, the United States, Mexico, and China. We have another platform in development that is yet to be released.

Are you still expanding your team?

Of course we are. If you like what we do and feel like you could contribute, let us know or visit us in our office.

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Story behind Lithium Pro

The history of Lithium Pro is longer than its legal existence. Our roots go as far back as 2008 when the first development team was created as part of our current holding company Lithium. At the time we worked on various projects for our customers and began development of our own demand system Baggira, which has brought us many new customers from around the world. Many successful projects set the foundation of long-term partnerships that we continue to build on today.

With our expansion to Prague in 2017, we decided to create a new company with its focus on software development and related fields. We found attractive offices close to Prague’s centre which has increased our ability to connect with more clients. Since then we have acquired new and interesting projects that have extended our portfolio and broadened our specialized skill base. We love what we do and perhaps we will build our future with you.

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